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Delphi eszközök - Delphi diagnosztika Delphi eszközök - Delphi diagnosztikaDelphi eszközök - Delphi diagnosztika
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Choices of the Delphi diagnostic devices – The proper tool for diagnosing a personal or a heavy duty vehicle

Delphi diagnosztikai eszkzk vlasztkaWhy should you chosse Delphi as your diagnostic partner?

For the choices of our independt diagnostic solutions!
The users can find the most suitable diagnostic solutions for their work.

  • Wide range, regular updates
  • Useful software developments

For the developed technology and for the given services!

  • Was in the first few who introduced the wireless Bluetooth technology in the diagnostic industry.

To cover an expanded vehicle park!

  • more than 45 manufacturer, more than 27 000 vehicle syste
  • The new types also appear in the database
  • The advantages from the experiences gained on the Delphi OE and Aftermarket markets.

For the diagnostic software!

  • At least 3 updates in a 12 months period
  • Updating possibilty by CD, SD-card or internet
  • Licence period - 1 year
  • The devices does not expire by passing the licence period
Delphi diagnosztika eszkz ds350e

Delphi DS350E

Very mobile, PC based choices of diagnostic solutions.

Futher information on  DS350E.

 Delphi diagnosztikai eszkz ds150e Delphi DS150E

Turn your own PC into a Delphi diagnostic solution.

Further information on DS150E.
Delphi ds100e Delphi DS100E

The Delphi compact diagnostic solution for pocket a PC.

Further information on DS100E.


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